visual development

Concept artist  |  illustrator  |  art director


art direction

Does your company need a talented and creative visual development artist? Someone who is highly skilled as a concept artist, illustrator and art director? Then LANGKJÆR would be the perfect choice for a future collaborator. Many years of experience from the advertising business having resulted in a profound knowledge and understanding of how to communicate and create visual appealing artwork and graphic designs.


As a visual development artists my primary goals are to imagine and propose visual ideas whether it is for advertising, films, animations, apps, books, videos or other types of productions. I mainly work in 2D and create my visuals in different styles – digitally and on paper – to determine what an imaginary world or a visual identity should look like based on a given assignment.


As a freelancer I can join your creative team in the search for the best creative visuals developing sketches, character designs, illustrations, backgrounds, colours, lighting, environment, storyboards, graphic designs, visual identities and more. Please feel free to contact me for further information.


Poul Langkjær

Grundtvigsvej 33

DK–5230 Odense M

M: +45 2323 3806